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With our payroll services, you'll get:

  • Experienced payroll compliance professionals

  • Direct deposit payroll processing

  • Work-safe/WSIB and health tax filings

  • Annual T4 statements

  • Record of Employment (ROE)

  • Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) documentation support


Accurate, on-time, hassle-free payroll processing
Say goodbye to your payroll struggles. Hours spent dealing with timesheets, ensuring compliance, and running payroll is time you can never get back. At Sync Bookkeeping, we ensure you’re using the best payroll system for your business and will automate your process to make every payday a piece of cake. 


Bi-weekly or semi-monthly pay runs
Our experienced payroll practitioners ensure accurate and on-time processing – all you need to do is review and approve.


New hires and terminations
Whether it’s onboarding, a departure, or termination, we take care of it. From new employee set up to Record of Employment (ROE) issuance, vacation payouts, and final payments to departing employees.

T4 delivery and tax filings
Never miss a filing deadline again. We manage year-end T4 preparation and delivery to your employees, employer health tax, and work safe premiums. 


Compliance management 
From government agencies to union collective agreements, avoiding penalties can be tricky. You can rely on remittances being done in compliance with all stakeholder requirements.



Ready to offload your payroll?

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